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We the Fallen Angels

angel statue

The Inspiration

A vision came to me of the angels cast out of heaven, the angels who sinned against God. Who are they and where did they go. In Revelation it says they were thrown down to earth to be with the serpent who is called Lucifer or the devil. His passion is to deceive this whole world and instill fear. This dream pointed out to me that I have the Holy Spirit guiding me. The problem is this world is ruled by Satan using our fellow man to misguide us in a direction of death on earth. This poem is the battle within all of us, the battle of life or death. Will we have eternal life or be cast into hell?

We the Fallen Angels

by Joseph Sorrentino

From births our path wants redemption
Fighting evil every minute, every hour
Love and hate struggling always
Our mind a playground for the devil

From conception the body forms
At birth we take our first breath
We cry and the battle begins
Fighting through life to the end

Fellings, of love and hate
The battle goes on between them
Tested over and over, it never ends
We fall and rise, the world is angry

Our prophets warns of our choices
Jesus on the cross cried out
They know not what they do!
His sheep hear his voice

Like fools, wise man must die
They chase after the wind
Searching earthly wisdom, knowledge and skill
Crucifixion is the death we all deserve

He who hears His word has eternal life
He who does not, sees a pale horse
The rider is of death, and Hades
Man looking to space and not beyond

One simple narrow path is true
Listen in the still from within
See, feel and experience true love
He is the way, the only way

You are a falling angel
Fighting to be righteous
Cry out for strength in faith
Believe, believe and believe