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True Love

hands forming a heart

The Inspiration

Finding the Love as Jesus defines it is the key to life. We will never achieve it until we ask for it and then trip and fall through life till our last breath. Our gift of Love is our guide through life. I have to stay focused on love and not shame or blame. I am responsible for all my actions, for loving God first, and then myself is the first step to a happy life. The second is always to love others, even though it hurts to do so.

True Love

by Joseph Sorrentino

A Journey of life

Walking in worldly love
Both beautiful and ugly
Coming as a lightning strike
Marching on as a storm leaving spoils

We cry for it and then, damn it
It lifts us up and drops us on our head
Memory what was, living in our head
And scars of what never was

My everlasting love from above
Woven throughout my heart
Eternal life, death no more
Sharing, sharing with loved ones

Extending a hand hoping it’s taken
Our pain for others rejection
Tears for the untaken hand
Watching others flounder in mud

I stood at the door and knocked
I asked and it was given
I seeked and I found
Ask Jesus into your heart