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The Ocean

beach and clouds

The Inspiration

The Ocean was my go-to anytime in my life when I was feeling down. It talked to me, it healed me, and removed my negative thinking. As surfers know, you can think in between wave sets, but each incoming set on the horizon can remove all your worries. The challenge of catching the next wave was always an adventure. After I met Laurie, we moved to the ocean’s edge in Laguna Beach. She would tell me to look through the water and see all the colors of the rainbow. As a sailor I only saw the surface, rich blue, emerald green, but never all the colors. I changed, and saw deep inside, and behold all the colors were there, but only if I looked for them. This was one of the many lessons of life she gave me. The Ocean took on a spiritual gift from God.

The Ocean

by Joseph Sorrentino

At the Ocean’s Edge

I stand on the shore looking to the ocean
In far-distant the ocean touches the sky
A reminder it came from above
It was a gift of life

Salt breeze like a spirit kisses my cheek
Traveling straight to my heart
It came to recharge my failing faith
I’m reminded I am not alone

Water consistently sustains life
Sun and water join to give air we breath
Without water we return to dust
All from dust, and to dust all shall return

the ocean is filled with full spectrum color
Many look but, few see all colors
Looking for years at the ocean I did not see
Now I am one with the colors, they talk to me

Like ears that don’t hear, eyes don’t see
Stop and see, Stop and hear
The time is short when blind to life
Look and you will find