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My Wife

The Inspiration

From the day I saw Laurie I knew she was going to be my wife. I had never seen her or talked to her before. She was a gift from God, and the perfect mate for me. She was street-smart, beautiful, and loved to laugh. She, being a College professor and artist, and I–as my brother said– “A divorced retired Navy red-neck”. Upon meeting, this introduction did not discourage Laurie as she had seen me almost immediately as her soul mate, it must have been a strange vision, I was a short, bald, Italian guy from Jersey City. We still tell this story today. God definitely sent her to me. She slowly helped me melt away all my insecurities. I was head over heals in love with her and would give my life for her safety and security. I sat and wrote this poem for her.

My Wife

by Joseph Sorrentino

To Laurie with Love

God creates a special guide for each of us
Being refined for a defined purpose in life
At life’s crossroad she draws Jesus in her heart
The panther is gone and eternal life is hers

As she awaits her place in heaven
Her work on earth is clear
Love the ones lead to her for hope
Lifting downhearted and pointing to light

Her Strength is found in scripture
The words lift her up and give strength
Her smile radiates the face of Jesus
Using the words to eternal life

Rejoicing who have ears to hear
Mourning those who turn away
She knows the pain of deaf ears
She is comforted by believers around her

Her journey is filled with joy and pain
She walks hand and hand with the Lord
The blessing from above is upon her
We all see Jesus in her walk

Dear Jesus I pray for protection
I pray for her health and time with me
I pray for her joy of life
Please comfort her in all her days