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My Last Breath

sun through trees

The Inspiration

The day before my friend Kirsten passed away, I had a half-dream of her passing through the gates of heaven. Heaven looked like transparent colors with the thousands of colors of the rainbow. I watched her as she walked through the gate straight to the rose bushes ahead of her. She herself a spirit of beautiful colors still recognizable as Kirsten merged into the roses and all the colors mixed together. Her smile reflected her joy of where she was. Then the dream ended and it came to me that this was only the first half of my dream. After she passed a few weeks later, the second half of the dream appeared to me at night “The Last Breath”.

My Last Breath

by Joseph Sorrentino

A message from my dying friend Kirsten

My last breath started a metamorphosis
I could feel my old body transition to new
The embrace of Jesus intertwined in me
The emotion was like I never experienced

Beyond the gates was full spectrum spirits
No memory of worldly pain and sorrow
There were spirit people, flowers, insects and animals
Recognizable in a full transparent color

The kingdom was interactive and calm
We all belonged, I was included
I was never gone, but not always here
I am transparent, translucent and opaque

I can intermingle with Gods’ creations
All beauty and emotions in living color
I have a message for you who love Jesus
It’s true what He told us, true what he showed us

Jesus took the fear of death
Jesus gave eternal life
Close your eyes at end of night
Talk to, see, and feel Jesus with you