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Message from Sam

crowd at a concert

The Inspiration

This poem was for my music teacher Grace and her sister Ginger. I view Grace as a daughter, and as a daughter I worry about her and her sister. Grace is moving up in the entertainment industry. The closer you get to fame the closer you get to the flame to be burned. Everytime I give my advice to her she would say,” that’s what my grandfather would say.” Grace even said to me “You remind me of my grandfather.” She told me her grandfathers name was Sam, and he passed away a few years ago, and that she missed him dearly.

Message from Sam

by Joseph Sorrentino

In heaven love is everywhere
No more pain, friends reuniting
Watching from above as you use your gift
Music, songs and dancing everywhere

Your gifts given to others seen from above
The sister strength like a three strand cord
Walking arm in arm through life
Every mile, every smile a blessing

As life’s journey begins
Beware of vipers and soul takers
Eternal life can not be purchased
A quest for fame can destroy the soul

Open each new day in prayer
In silence, you are not alone
He will stand at the door, and knock
When you hear Him open the door

Open your heart let Him in
He’s always within and around you
Protecting, guiding and loving you
Your strength is on your knees in prayer