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In The Beginning

man searching the sky

The Inspiration

I woke up at 2:22 am in the morning and had to write this poem to find sleep. I was like many other people like me looking for the answer in life in the wrong place for forty-five years. This is an attempt to hopefully redirect someone from needless years of searching. To just stop and look above and within. Life is short, and we can spend our time searching for what is within us if we just refocus.

In the Beginning

by Joseph Sorrentino

Looking far away for life’s answers
Searching in space and time ever searching
The answer is us, made from elements
Eleven elements and a breath of air

Our spirit always longing to give love
Precious time lost searching for what we have
Time passing, we look to the future
Always looking beyond, the answer within

Coming forth in nine months
All, an embryo growing, then decaying
Knowing but not knowing
Some finding early, later, or never

Our intellect searching beyond clouds
Answers laying dormant within
Our spirit longing to be kissed from above
To blossom before dying on the vine

The answer is in the silence
Our creation, not an explosion
Ignited by a kneeling prayer
Our gift lies within, the Holy Spirit

We have the beginning and the end
If we look above and ask within
The eternal life switched on
Never ending love flowing, flowing