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Blessings for Your Birthday

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The Inspiration

Talking to my sister Janet on one of our weekly calls, she mentioned her daughter Denise’s birthday was in November. Her name provoked memories of the first day my sister placed her as a newborn in my arms when I was only seventeen. My past anger of my father’s death and my mother’s sickness and death left me for a few hours as I watched God’s creation look up at me. My mind was also recalling leaving New Jersey for more than twenty years while in the Navy. When I returned to New Jersey at the age of 38, I was reunited with my family. Denise, during her chiropractic school in North Carolina would come and stay with me on weekends and school breaks in Toms River N.J. When she was present we would watch the night stars and dream of life’s next adventures.

Blessings for Your Birthday

by Joseph Sorrentino

Written for Denise

My sister handed me her new child
At Seventeen I stand, newborn in arms
I’m terrified and my temperature rises
She looks into my eyes, and I melt

A year before my fathers death froze me
I now feel love rising to the surface again
My niece is a blessing from God for all
She’s embedded in my heart forever

Twenty years pass with only a few visits
Retired I’m back in New Jersey
Our relationship is reignited
Staying at my home during her school breaks

She builds her business helping all
Her heart opens and her purpose rises
Clients are paying and non paying
She provides the wellness and love

This is Denise, she is a gift from God
Jesus is in her actions and love for others
She is blessed with Jesus in her heart
Dear Jesus, I pray a blessing on her and her loved ones