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Old Man Dreams – A Poetry Compilation

Old Man Dreams My Latest Poetry Collection I’m excited to share my latest collection of poetry with you! “Old Man Dreams” is a collection very close to my heart, born out of moments of deep reflection and, quite literally, my dreams as an older man.  😉 Throughout my life, I’ve faced many challenges and joys, and these experiences have often come to me in vivid… Read More »Old Man Dreams – A Poetry Compilation

spiritual reflections

Spiritual Reflections

My new compilation of Christian poetry is available now on Gumroad. I’ve included over 60 of my recent writings. Support my ukulele habit and the burgeoning career of a 3 A.M. Christian poet! 🙂

stormy sea

A Sailor’s Storm

The Inspiration My wife was having some pain from an arthritic hip and I was a little testy with her. I wrote this to remind me of what it takes to love, and what the wrong words could do to a weak relationship. I never want that to happen to our relationship. We would like smooth sailing all the time, but we all know storms… Read More »A Sailor’s Storm

crowd at a concert

Message from Sam

The Inspiration This poem was for my music teacher Grace and her sister Ginger. I view Grace as a daughter, and as a daughter I worry about her and her sister. Grace is moving up in the entertainment industry. The closer you get to fame the closer you get to the flame to be burned. Everytime I give my advice to her she would say,”… Read More »Message from Sam

angel statue

We the Fallen Angels

The Inspiration A vision came to me of the angels cast out of heaven, the angels who sinned against God. Who are they and where did they go. In Revelation it says they were thrown down to earth to be with the serpent who is called Lucifer or the devil. His passion is to deceive this whole world and instill fear. This dream pointed out… Read More »We the Fallen Angels

man searching the sky

In The Beginning

The Inspiration I woke up at 2:22 am in the morning and had to write this poem to find sleep. I was like many other people like me looking for the answer in life in the wrong place for forty-five years. This is an attempt to hopefully redirect someone from needless years of searching. To just stop and look above and within. Life is short,… Read More »In The Beginning

hands forming a heart

True Love

The Inspiration Finding the Love as Jesus defines it is the key to life. We will never achieve it until we ask for it and then trip and fall through life till our last breath. Our gift of Love is our guide through life. I have to stay focused on love and not shame or blame. I am responsible for all my actions, for loving… Read More »True Love

beach and clouds

The Ocean

The Inspiration The Ocean was my go-to anytime in my life when I was feeling down. It talked to me, it healed me, and removed my negative thinking. As surfers know, you can think in between wave sets, but each incoming set on the horizon can remove all your worries. The challenge of catching the next wave was always an adventure. After I met Laurie,… Read More »The Ocean

My Wife

The Inspiration From the day I saw Laurie I knew she was going to be my wife. I had never seen her or talked to her before. She was a gift from God, and the perfect mate for me. She was street-smart, beautiful, and loved to laugh. She, being a College professor and artist, and I–as my brother said– “A divorced retired Navy red-neck”. Upon… Read More »My Wife

scrambled eggs

A Box of Scrambled Thoughts

The Inspiration My wife and I were praying for a Christian Editor to help me to organize my writing into creating my memoir “God, ADHD and Me, A Veterans Journey”. We prayed, and my first search was like opening the bible and pointing to a scripture. Kathy was revealed into my life. Our prayer was answered as she is someone very special. Kathy was sent… Read More »A Box of Scrambled Thoughts