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A Sailor’s Storm

stormy sea

The Inspiration

My wife was having some pain from an arthritic hip and I was a little testy with her. I wrote this to remind me of what it takes to love, and what the wrong words could do to a weak relationship. I never want that to happen to our relationship. We would like smooth sailing all the time, but we all know storms come. The good news, the storm’s end and the damage can be repairable or it can sink the ship, and I have no desire to be in a sinking ship. As we say in the Navy when the storm is approaching, batten down the hatches and take the storm straight on. On ships we practice damage control over and over before we go to sea so when we are out to sea and a storm finds us, we are prepared to face the storm without making a mistake, or not being prepared to save the ship. All our lives are at risk.

A Sailor's Storm

by Joseph Sorrentino

When love is deep and strong
The battle is like a sailor’s storm
It must be faced straight on
Leaving a love song in its wake

Words must be chosen wisely
The tongue is a two edge sword
It can cut and bleed love
Empty hearts die a sad death

Gentle words well thought-out
Like the sound of doves cooing
Their nest on our window sill
Loving words mend broken hearts

True Love is worth the battle
All storms pass, winds stop blowing
Ahead smooth seas and fair winds
Life is short, can end anytime

Jesus’ love takes many forms
Never hate or sorrow
Hand in hand we travel life’s crooked road
Into eternal life, take His hand