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A Box of Scrambled Thoughts

scrambled eggs

The Inspiration

My wife and I were praying for a Christian Editor to help me to organize my writing into creating my memoir “God, ADHD and Me, A Veterans Journey”. We prayed, and my first search was like opening the bible and pointing to a scripture.

Kathy was revealed into my life. Our prayer was answered as she is someone very special. Kathy was sent to help unscramble my thoughts.
To this day I have never met Kathy in person. I know her heart, and she definitely knows the depth of my heart and life after helping me sort out my history and thoughts.

The result was a completed manuscript about living with ADHD that is being published by Christian Faith Publishing.

A Box of Scrambled Thoughts

by Joseph Sorrentino

Written for Kathy Ide

Given a box of scrambled thoughts
Hours pass, the editor’s mind accelerates
Her gift with words create a rose
Filling the page with a fragrant picture

Her God given purpose to help others
Giving a stumbled speaker a voice
Her mind sees the soul of the writer
Unravelling and creating a visual tapestry

Freeing inner hurts, pains and joy
Her reward in heaven is great
The Lord adds her in the book of life
Thank you Lord for guiding me to her