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Joseph Sorrentino

Christian Author

This is the account of my life as I lived it!  My journey living in the shadows of ADHD for 45 years, and being directed by God to live the second half of life with His purpose.

With God all things are possible
Matthew 19:26

Joseph Sorrentino

New Poetry!

Joe just dropped his new poetry collection! Check out “Old Man Dreams” here:

Fresh Tunes!

Joe’s now on SoundCloud! Check out his collection of original tunes!

collage of Joe Sorrentino

A word from Joe

Three years ago I was awakened at two in the morning and received the first words of my new autobiography: “GOD, ADHD and Me a VETERAN’S JOURNEY”.

Two years ago, some dear friends took sick and returned to the Lord. During this process, I received messages during twilight sleep. I recorded these as poems for my book; “Poetic Reflections”.

Poems came randomly inspired by a word or visual the days before, and I hope they never end.

I will be posting free, weekly inspirational poems right here. You can also follow me on Twitter and Instagram, or listen to my music on My Mixtapez.

If you enjoy the site, my writing, the ukelele, or just want to say hi – I’d love to hear from you!

Read Joe's Book

Joe’s autobiography is now available! Read the inspiring true story of a man who lived forty-five years not knowing he had a clinical learning disability. Discovering he had ADHD enabled him to understand the accomplishments and failures in his past. Enjoy the trailer, read the introduction, and buy it now!

What They're Saying

Joe has received great feedback on his first book, “God, ADHD, and Me”

Everyone can benefit

Whether one is a Ph.D., an M.D., or got mostly “D’s” in K through 12, one can benefit from reading this book.

Dr. Edward E. Aston IV
M.D. Dermatologist

Well written and introspective

I found this book well-written and introspective. You are so very humble and open, and your life story is interesting, engaging, and well-articulated. I really appreciated your sense of gratitude and thankfulness to God.

Dr. Stephanie Burns

Recommended without reservation

Mr. Sorrentino’s journey of self-discovery is a delightful read, and he balances well the combination of internal reflection, psychiatric diagnoses, and his evolving relationship with God in a way that is endearing and enlightening. I highly recommend his book without reservation.

Dr. Monica Harms

A warm, Scripture strengthened message

This book presents a rich, warm narrative strengthened by the matchless unchanging truth of Scripture and the rapidly developing science of learning disabilities.

Dr. Edward E. Aston IV
M.D. Dermatologist

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